About Me

Penelolpe Gordon

Penelope Gordon is an intuitive animal communicator that has always had a  special way and” knowing” with animals. Her empathic skills were first  noted at the early age of seven. She grew up in an environment that  supported a greater awareness of who we are beyond our human experience.  

After 20 years in customer service with the last 7 in the  airline industry, an injury gave her the opportunity to start on her  true path. Penelope studied and received certification for these  techniques: Emotional Freedom Technique Level II Practitioner, a One Command One Day One Command Teacher and Commanding  Wealth Circle Facilitator, and ThetaHealing™ DNA2 Practitioner. Her  other areas of study besides the theta brain state include  Communications and NLP. Penelope is currently studying Tellington Touch and Reiki. 


It is with great delight that Penelope shares your animal friend’s  feelings, thoughts, emotions, spiritual wisdom and their Soul’s purpose  for being with you. She can address behavior and psychological problems  and help you negotiate a better outcome. Communication between you and  your animal companion supplies vital information about happiness,  health, your beloved companions last wishes, or anything else they want  you to know. Penelope is able to communicate with all living species as  well as those that have crossed over “The Rainbow Bridge“.

Penelope also offers her services to humans. Often our animal  friend’s behavior is a reflection of our own inner journey, acknowledged  or not. She uses several energetic healing techniques such as flower essences to assist her in her work. She enjoys working in conjunction with your rescue group, veterinarian and trainer. The great care of your friend includes exercise, a healthy diet, training, veterinary care and your love.

Penelope is honored to give back to animals in need. She volunteers her time and services to:  King County Animal Control, Ginger’s Pet Rescue and Daze of Camelot Animal Sanctuary.

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